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Schertler ARTHUR (Format 48) – the mixer you design and build yourself Schertler’s unique modular mixer offers a range of high-quality input and output units that can be configured in virtually any combination or order for a specific project or installation.
Build a customized theatre/house of worship mixing solution, a film/video production mixer, a stage monitor mixer for keys or drums, a summing amp or a portable broadcast mixer. From simple stereo recording to a large multi-channel setup, ARTHUR offers numerous possibilities. Modules can be added or removed over time as required. An innovative electronic design aims to deliver superb sound quality regardless of mixer size or configuration. Absence of negative feedback from input to output produces ultra-fast response and natural attack. All circuits use single, discrete Class-A electronic components and pure high-voltage DC-amps (no capacitors in the signal path) offering 30dB headroom, low noise, warmth and unparalleled stability. Hard cases are available for configurations of 10/20/30 modules.