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AIRxTOUCH™ BAR | Turning every shop window into an interactive display Developed by the R&D Team of iNUI Studio SA, and commercialised since September 2017 in Europe in partnership with SAMSUNG, AIRxTOUCH™ BAR is the only technology that enables a Shop window to become an interactive display.

AIRxTOUCH™ BAR transforms simple shop window into tools which therefore become one of the company’s best ambassadors, on a 24/7 time clock. Information, products, services, videos, etc.: all types of interactive and rich content are easily and constantly displayed to promote the companies’ activities.

The solution works on double, triple and even armoured glass. No physical contact is needed. Even when wearing gloves, your hand becomes the pointer: just push, zoom or swipe.

AIRxTOUCH™ BAR works like any other touch device, but without any physical contact with the surface. This unique patented technology is compatible with all Windows 10 Apps.
Booth: 8-P330