by Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd | Booth: 7-P182

AIRLINK 1 Wireless Audio Expender The Linkx Wireless Audio Extender AIRLINK 1, designed for concerts or live presentation of various sizes, is intended to replace the long, bulky speaker cables and simplify the installation and removal of speaker wiring. The transmitted audio signal maintains uncompromising quality and excellent stability.

– Reduce the workload when installing and removing the speaker system.
– Up to 100 meters wireless coverage significantly increases the distance between speakers and stage audio equipment.
– Flexible addition of active speakers to extend broadcast coverage.
– Easy to plan and preset speaker positions, providing installers with a variety of placement options for optimal live streaming
– Wireless dual-channel large AF level output – the transmitter accepts AF input levels up to 18dBu, and the receiver will output AF signal level in the same 1:1 ratio