by CHIAYO | Booth: 7-E778

AFFORDABLE AND DEPENDABLE CONFERENCE SYSTEM This system applies universal standard CAT.5e/CAT.6 cable for audio link daisy chain connection. In its unique circuit loop, every GM-143 unit can be located anywhere. The system capacity reaches up to 60 units, easily expendable to 120 units. GMC-60 audio converter’s interface connects to any audio amplifier. Telescopic design with length-adjustable gooseneck, form 43cm to 60cm, provides convenient usage without moving the base. Lockable RJ45 mechanical design prevents any loose cable and unauthorized meddling. There is an exclusive speech priority for the chairman unit GM-143C. Easily noticeable TALK indicator LED on both the gooseneck and the base. The microphone automatically shut off after idling for 5 minutes. This cost-friendly and flexible system is ideal for most medium / small size companies, corporate and school conference rooms.