by ErgoXS | Booth: 13-A100

A welcome upgrade: the Flexline mounting system ErgoXS, a specialist in mounting systems for large screens, has teamed up with its dealers to develop the new aluminum mounting system, the Flexline. The product is defined by its premium functionality and sleek design. Users have an increasing need for these features. The Flexline has been on the market since December.Easy to use with a sleek design
The Flexline puts everything you need at your fingertips. From USB/HDMI ports and sound controls to screen operation and multiple sockets: these can all be incorporated into the mounting system itself. Messy cables are a thing of the past as well—these are now neatly tucked away in the back by a rubber strip, creating a sleek design. However, this is not form over function: it makes working with a monitor or touch screen very easy. The system is:
– portable but can also be mounted to ceilings, walls, and floors;
– it is available in black or gray, at heights of 90, 180, 270, and 360cm