by CHIAYO | Booth: 7-E778

2.4GHz Digital True Diversity Wireless Microphone Other than GFSK modulation which is commonly applied by major digital microphone makers, CHIAYO’s DWR-2420 digital receiver processes uncompressed and encrypted audio from the transmitter to achieve higher fidelity sound quality.
Traditionally, an analog transmitter takes 2 to 3 seconds to get ready after reboot; therefore the speaker’s voice can’t be caught by the transmitter in this period. The DH-2400 digital transmitter is almost ready as soon as its power is turned on.
While in ordinary classrooms or meeting rooms, wireless reception within 30 meters will be enough for operation and the user can use both transmitters originally equipped in a DWR-2420 system under non-diversity mode. Not only ideal for small areas, even in outdoors areas that require larger coverage, you may choose to use only one transmitter under true-diversity mode, which enables up to 100 meters with no signal drop out.