by CHIAYO | Booth: 7-E778

2.4G DIGITAL 2-WAY TOUR GUIDE SYSTEM During sightseeing you may find the tour guide using a bodypack amplifier to introduce for his/her group members. It’s convenient but not the case for browsing a museum or factory because of the loud noise the speaker makes. As a result, they often use a wireless tour guide system instead so that no disturbing noise will occur and the members won’t miss any voice of the guiding person. Usually, such leader-to-member system is only one-way, having no interaction between everyone. However, CHIAYO’s mini bodypack receiver DCR-511 can function just like a walky-talky, allowing the member to interact with others without any move. To raise a question, just press and hold the talk button and talk to the receiver, your voice will be heard by not only the leader but also other members.