OMB: a big trolley for big needs

ISE Blog

by OMB srl | Booth: 2-E50

Lift line OMBthe Italian manufacturer of professional supports for Audio-Video, well knows how to satisfy the need of each professionals in every situation even when they need flexibility and lightness. That’s why they developed Big Trolley, a light trolley, manual adjustable, which with a telescopic movement of the central body allows the height of the center of the monitor to vary by more than 60 cm ; this way the screen can be positioned from a minimum of 118 cm till a maximum of 179 cm from the floor. Big Trolley has been thought for large size monitors (up to 85 "), also touch screen, and that’s why the base, with rotating wheels with brake, is anti-rolling with double width (92 cm in front, 85 cm behind). The painted metal frame allows to hide the power cables inside and it can have a superior shelf, ideal for web-cam, as well as a front shelf. In addition, there is a dual monitor option very convenient for videoconference rooms or similar.