Smart home automation is everywhere today. ETS Inside is KNX’s answer to this growing trend. Now you can offer all benefits of the successful KNX standard in a mobile application, easy to understand and allowing your customers to configure the installation themselves.

KNX has proven its sustainability over several years for countless numbers of projects. Openness, compatibility, flexibility – and, last but not least, the common ETS belong to the secret of its success.

Traditionally, installers need extensive training to realise the full potential of KNX and program KNX projects ranging from simple home control, to large-scale and highly-complex public/commercial building automation.

Times are changing, so is KNX – best example is the introduction of the brand new ETS Inside – the new ETS that allows you to commission your home and small commercial installations with your mobile handheld.

The following content is intended to provide you with general knowledge about ETS Inside and a chance to win one for free.


1. ETS Inside – what is it?

ETS Inside is the entry level version of the trusted ETS Professional, which runs inside any existing or new KNX installation. Configurable from your mobile handheld, perfectly suitable for small and medium installations, the ETS Inside allows you to take the next simple, stable and secure step in home automation.

Have a look at the presentation video here.

2. Getting started

A mini-PC, an ETS Inside Licence and a mobile App – that’s all you need!

Creating a smart home in just eight steps is now possible, thanks to the ETS Inside. All you need is:

  • A mini-PC or use your own PC
  • An ETS Inside Server licence (details here)
  • The ETS Inside App on your mobile handheld (details here: iOS, Android, Windows)

Done? Then you are ready to configure your KNX devices and commission your installation.

Check out this video or have a look at the brochure ETS Inside – Getting Started

3. Benefits of the ETS Inside

The ETS Inside offers many benefits for everybody, incl. users and installers! But which benefits does it bring YOU?

  • Anyone (authorised) knows how to use it
    ETS Inside is very intuitive and does not require any training. Just download and start using it
  • Quick changes at any time
    Having ETS Inside on your mobile handheld allows you to quickly access to the installation to make changes you need on the fly
  • Data privacy guaranteed
    All data and settings of your smart home stay directly in the installation, providing the same security for your data, same as inside of your house provides security for your family

4. Win a free mini-PC with ETS Inside license

Visit KNX booths at H9-F120 and H1-N130 at ISE 2018, you will have the chance to win a FREE Mini-PC with ETS Inside License.

Every day during the ISE 2018, all visitors can get a free lottery ticket at KNX booths. With the ticket, you can play the ‘win the lottery’ game on the KNX website to win a mini-PC with ETS Inside license. In total 10 prizes will be given away. With a bit of luck, you will be the winner of the magical, easy to use commissioning tool.

Detailed information and instructions will be printed on the tickets, just remember to drop by KNX booths and get a ticket.

Further to the information mentioned in the article, if you wish to learn more about ETS Inside, please visit: