Exhibitor News
  • Datasat Digital Entertainment (Stand: 5-U110)
    The Datasat RA2400. A power amp with pedigree

    2014 is shaping up to be a good year for the Datasat RA2400 2 channel amp. It combines innovative design with advanced circuitry to deliver outstanding audio performance.

  • ANTRICA (Stand: 1-E112)
    HD 108060 Real Time Video Encoder just US$995

    The ANT-4000E encoder for real time streaming of video or PC content to Digital signage decoders, Control room decoders and other display applications available at ISE for a trial price of US$995.

  • Cuanbo (Stand: 9-D112)
    Cuanbo 100m HDBT Wall Plate

    Cuanbo‘s newest 100m HDBaseT wall plate with IR,POL,HDCP. 1 GANG Decora and US&European standard.

  • Elite Screens GmbH (Stand: 6-H132)
    PolarStar Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen with Polarized 3D Capability

    Elite’s PolarStar projection screens enhance 2D presentations with superior ambient light rejecting qualities or with 92% retained polarization for 3D images. The 1.8 gain screen material uses a...

  • NovaStar (Stand: 11-N34)
    NovaStar New LED display Controller-MCTRL660

    Nova just launched into market the new LED display controller-MCTRL660 in Dec. With the Knob, users can map and offset the LED screen, change brightness without PC. MCTRL660 is the landmark of a...

  • UnihiTECH (Stand: 8-D250)
    release new 24

    transparent LCD door with fridge for advertizing on glass

  • Hanshin International Ltd (Stand: 8-H190)
    Interactive TouchTable

    Hanshin TouchTable provides a one-stop solution designed for children with special educational needs, interactive education, and even business presentation. Hanshin TouchTable acts as a learning...

  • Picturall Ltd (Stand: 9-B110)
    It's All About Teamwork

    Picturall happily presents: Content collaboration with Pond5 at ISE 2014

  • Symetrix, Inc. (Stand: 3-C90)
    Symetrix Quickens DSP Selection with SymQ

    Digital signal processing specialist Symetrix has introduced a new online planning tool that allows users to quote and launch the design of SymNet DSP systems.

  • Revox GmbH (Stand: 7-P180)
    Compact sound miracle

    You don't have a lot of space available but you don't want to compromise on excellent audio quality? Revox has developed the Joy Symphony to handle just such situations.

  • PTN Electronics Limited (Stand: 9-F141)
    PTN HDBaseT Matrix 4x4 with PoE

    We are proud to announce our HDBaseT matrix 4x4, which has also PoE function.

    PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS presents the THE BRAIN for kiosk remote control !

    NOMYU digital kiosk integrates THE BRAIN, a bespoke ECU (electronic control unit) that insure systems and electronic componentes are always operational, with remote web managment control. Take a...

  • PASS-Medientechnik (Stand: 7-T217)
    Glock audio A-4 portable sound system take Bluetooth

    The popular Glock audio A-4 battery driven Sound Systems will in future come with an integrated Bluetooth receiver to enable signal streaming from other Bluetooth-enabled devices directly

  • Modul IT Solutions Limited (Stand: 10-R136)
    Modul IT Solutions and Tecom are partners now!

    Modul IT Solutions Ltd. has signed a distribution agreement in Europe with Tecom Electronics Ltd., a worldwide provider of TecPodium Interactive Lecterns. Tecom manufactures a wide range of smart...

  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe (Stand: 2-A24, 2-A25, 2-A36)
    Mitsubishi Electric launches new control room LCDs at ISE2014

    Mitsubishi Electric showcases three new high-specification LCD displays for the first time in Europe at ISE 2014.

  • Huawei Technologies Nederland B.V. (Stand: 9-A135)
    Subvert Traditions, Innovate in Future

    It is easy to divide high-definition videoconferencing endpoints into two categories, Huawei TE30 and others.

  • RME (Stand: 7-C207)
    The World's First USB 3 Audio Interface

    The RME MADIface XT is the world’s first USB3 audio interface - and the world’s smallest portable interface that provides access to hundreds of audio channels in such a small package.

  • VNS Inc. (Stand: 2-A53)
    GeoBox--Active 3D to passive 3D converter

    Universal 3D processor to support HDMI 1.4 1080p frame packing & NVidia 3D Vision or AMD HD3D 1080p @120Hz active 3D formats for full HD passive 3D display

  • Apantac (Stand: 10-S114)
    Apantac Launches new HDMI Conference Connect™ Projector/Display Sharing Solution at ISE 2014

    Conference Connect solves this problem by allowing each presenter to pre-stage their laptops and conveniently access a shared projector / display, thus eliminating the need for plugging and...

  • Interspace Industries (Stand: 12-B92)
    A sound that goes PING

    OK, we know this, a presenter has their laptop and wants to run the presentation from the stage. PC Bal box, SoundConnect and USB Bal box may be an answer.

On the final day of ISE 2014, 'The Daily' anchor Liz George meets IT and Telecoms giant Huawei, and profiles ISE's striking new theatres with cutting edge Dutch designers Improve. The Themed Entertainment Association -- representing museums and them...
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