The MegaPixel Summit

The MegaPixel Summit taps into a growing trend to create large display solutions with resolution well in excess of full HD.  Such solutions are becoming more and more popular in digital signage, visualization, simulation, rental and staging markets and other professional and corporate markets.  
The MegaPixel Summit with focus on understanding how pixels are generated, processed and distributed, and presented on a variety of display technologies.  These are complex solutions that can feature a wide range of input pixel resolutions and formats and an even greater range of output formats and display types (see graphic below).
The goal of the MegaPixel Summit is to provide useful and comprehensive information on the components of these solutions as well as providing insight, case studies and tips on how to configure successful megapixel solutions.
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The MegaPixel Summit consists of three sessions, and you can register for one, two or all three.  Click here to register for the MegaPixel Summit.