Exhibitor News
  • Beijing Tricolor Technology Co., Ltd (Stand: 11-C30)
    Hades™ Video Wall Processor

    Hades™ Video Wall Processor----Pure Hardware Processor.

  • VBrick Systems Inc. (Stand: 10-R110)
    VBrick to Unveil Enterprise Mobile Streaming Solution at ISE

    VBrick's new tablet-based live video streaming and editing solution lets organizations stream user-generated content across their internal networks using VBrick Distributed Media Engines, and...

  • Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (Stand: 10-R116)
    Guntermann & Drunck at ISE 2014

    KVM devices can be easily installed via plug-and-play. On top of that, KVM products use the existing cable infrastructure. The result of KVM transmission: crystal-clear images.

  • ModernSolid Industrial Co., Ltd. (Stand: 9-C121)
    Interactive Mobile Multimedia Solution

    PA-600, is an interactive mobile multimedia solution that adds flexibilities to multimedia, Internet and computer presentations. Designed to integrate all audo-visual equipment to increase the...

  • Datasat Digital Entertainment (Stand: 5-U110)
    Datasat and Auro Technologies enter technology partnership agreement

    Datasat and Auro Technologies have signed a technology agreement that will see the companies collaborate in the development of a range of processors incorporating the Auro-3D® immersive sound format.

  • Chief (Stand: 2-C42)
    Chief Solves Video Wall Screen Stress

    Chief talked to dozens of installers, dealers and display manufacturers throughout the design process to help inform the direction and come up with the common video wall problems to solve. Among...

  • SMART Technologies (Stand: 12-E76)
    • First Time Showing at ISE! SMART Room System™ for Microsoft Lync

    • Simplifies collaboration with seamless sharing of real-time video, voice and data • Largest array of display sizes from 55” (139.7cm) to 84” (213.36cm) • Meetings with local and...

  • Giada (Stand: 8-N265)
    Giada’s F300 Becomes the New Favorite in Digital Signage Field

    Giada,the leading could computing equipment supplier has launched its latest product F300, positioning to the high-level fanless Digital Signage market.

  • eyevis GmbH (Stand: 2-C66)
    Ultra HD displays for high-res representation

    Highest resolution with 3840x2160 pixels provide the Ultra HD displays from eyevis with 60‘‘ and 84‘‘. The LED Backlight with high brightness enables brilliant contrast, colour and image...

  • Cuanbo (Stand: 9-D112)
    Now Shipping!!!Cuanbo Multi Video Matrix Switcher.

    Modular Design,different size from 8×8 to 32×32 will catch your needs for various applications.

  • Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. (Stand: 11-M50)
    A3II—Seamless Mosaic, Front-Side Maintenance and Crystal Clear HD Display

    Thin & Light Weight Panels – Easier Maintenance

  • iNDS Technology, Inc. (Stand: 8-R232)
    INDS is exhibiting AIM in ISE 2014.

    Digital Signage enables advertisers to show content that is more engaging and dynamic,and to easily change content in real time.How about adapt add content to the specific demographics of the...

  • trivum technologies GmbH (Stand: 7-N176)
    trivum multiroom audio actuator

    The trivum AudioActuator is a modern and complete music system in a REG frame for one room.

  • ASL Intercom B.V. (Stand: 7-E200)

    ASL Intercom is showing many new products from the digital Series at the ISE.

  • Shenzhen Infiled Electronics Co., Ltd. (Stand: 11-C44)
    INFiLED latest HD LED Display-S series

    INFiLED's S series owns the slim sexy appearance, separate control system and smart module brings the extremely stable working condition,good choice for indoor and outdoor rental using.

  • GONSIN Digital Equipment Corporation (Stand: 7-F200)
    Perfect Solution for SNNPR State Council in Ethiopia

    SNNPR in Ethiopia, which conference halls had been installed Gonsin conference equipments in 2013.SNNPR is installed with 1409 units of fully digital conference system, including...

  • Modul IT Solutions Limited (Stand: 10-R136)
    Meet Modul IT solutions at the ISE 2014

    Meet Modul IT Solutions at the ISE 2014! We will present at the show variety of new “smart furniture” solutions of the world known manufacturers: Avteq, VFI and Tecom. Visit us at booth 10-R136.

  • Chief (Stand: 2-C42)
    Chief Launches 20 New Video Wall Solutions in Fusion® Series

    Chief’s new Fusion® Video Wall solutions make it possible to construct video walls in locations where walls aren’t available. Chief has configurations for ceiling-mounted, freestanding and...

  • Soundtube (Stand: 11-C84)
    Museum Tools and Secret Sound® Acquired by MSE Audio

    SoundTube Entertainment’s parent company MSE Audio® has acquired Museum Tools of Healdsburg, California and their signature product Secret Sound®.

  • Revox GmbH (Stand: 7-P180)
    Compact sound miracle

    You don't have a lot of space available but you don't want to compromise on excellent audio quality? Revox has developed the Joy Symphony to handle just such situations.

On the final day of ISE 2014, 'The Daily' anchor Liz George meets IT and Telecoms giant Huawei, and profiles ISE's striking new theatres with cutting edge Dutch designers Improve. The Themed Entertainment Association -- representing museums and them...
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